Fully Assembled, interior components are ready for a   simple wall mount    

 Battery is connected to the charge controller and inverter   by 8 feet of wire with easy disconnects   

 The solar panel is attached via 30 feet of exterior-grade   10 GA PV wire,  with easy disconnects at both ends

 Wooden PV Stand Shown In Photo Sold Seperately


                   TSV - 60

              Wall Mount

            Solar Electric System

                      $ 382.24


Morningstar 10 amp Charge Controller

AltE 60 watt Solar Panel

EnerSys 24 a/h Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Samlex PST-150 watt Pure Sine Wave   Inverter

5 year 100% Replace or Refund Warranty      For any reason other than damage beyond normal wear and tear from normal use, or loss caused by the purchaser/customer